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Slovak Animated Film in Vienna

Austrian Film Museum in Vienna presents Animace/Animácia – 100 Years of Czechoslovak, Czech and Slovak Film Animation organized in cooperation with the National Film Archive of the Slovak Film Institute (NFA SFI) and the Czech National Film Archive (NFA). The restrospective takes place from 3 September until 19 October 2020.

As a tool for the audience to navigate the program, five thematic sections have been set up. Section Folklore & Sci-fi & Legends explores national mythology and collective dreams, Puppets focuses on animation techniques and the special place puppetry holds among them, Politics groups films - commentaries on the freedom of expression and related traumas. (Non)Reality looks at the potential of allegory, and Anima(Lab) investigates the medium itself and its surrealist aspirations. The retrospective includes 34 Slovak feature and short animated films, positioning side by side the classics like Viktor Kubal, Jiří Trnka, Hermína Týrlová, Jan Švankmajer or Rudolf Urc and the new film generation(s) that entered the Industry from 1993 on.

The 50 program slots further split the focus onto fairy tales, myth and urban legends, politics, love and cheesy romance, grieve, dreams, wilderness or cities. The retrospective attempts to show the richies of various animation techniques and approaches, it explores the new perspectives on the classic animation screened from the 35mm films. 

The principal curators of the retrospective are expert on history and theory of animated film Eliška Děcká, PAF Olomouc program manager and curator Martin Mazanec, and Head of Curators of the National Film Archive (CZ) Matěj Strnad; the curators-advisers are Eva Šošková, Lea Pagáčová, Saša Gabrižová, Michaela Mertová a Pavel Horáček.

The retrospective is organized with the support of theSlovak Institute in Vienna, the Slovak Embassy in Vienna, the Czech Center in Vienna, and the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Vienna. 

Slovak films line-up:

Folklore & Sci-fi & Legends
Čmuchal & Sviňa Strike Again, d. Andrej Kolenčík, 2009
The Umbrella, d. Ondrej Slivka, 1984
If I Were a Bird, d. Ondrej Slivka, 1986
Pandas, d. Matúš Vizár, 2013
Sh_t Happens, d. David Štumpf, Michaela Mihalyi, 2019
The Kite, d. Martin Smatana, 2018
Brigand Jurko, d. Viktor Kubal, 1976

Dita at the Front, d. Viktor Kubal, 1969
The Flying Horse, d. Viera Čákanyová, 2014
The Meteorologist, d. Viktor Kubal, 1983
Model of Marriage, d. Jozef Zachar, 1966
About Socks and Love, d. Michaela Čopíková, 2008
Postup, d. Viktor Kubal, 1968
The Well of Love, d. Viktor Kubal, 1944/1959
Chess, d. Viktor Kubal, 1974
We're Entering the Nuclear Age, r. Viktor Kubal, 1963
The Earth, d. Viktor Kubal, 1966

Stones, r. Katarína Kerekesová, 2010
Nina, d. Michaela Čopíková, Veronika Obertová, 2014
The Last Bus, d. Ivana Laučíková, Martin Snopek, 2011

39 Weeks, 6 Days, d. Joanna Kożuch, Boris Šíma, 2017
Fascinating Life of Night Creatures, d. Anna Vančurová, 2014
Fongopolis, d. Joanna Kożuch, 2013
Friday, d. Martin Tomori, 2009
The Apple of Knowledge, d. Vlastimil Herold, 1955
If Not, So Not!, d. Vladimír Král, 1997
The Bloody Lady, d. Vikor Kubal, 1980
The Town on the Danube, d. Rudolf Urc, Ivan Popovič, 1985
The Song, d. Jaroslava Havettová, 1969
The Last Stone, d. Július Hučko, Jaroslava Havettová, 1982
The Kite, d. Martin Smatana, 2018
Viliam, d. Veronika Obertová, 2009
In Line, d. Kamila Kučíková, 2014
Yellow, d. Ivana Šebestová, 2017

Compsognation: The Addendum, d. András Cséfalvay, 2016

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