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Slovak films at goEast Wiesbaden 2016

The Festival of Central and Eastern  European Film goEast Wiesbaden (April 20 - 26, 2016) shows several recent Slovak films, as well as the archive ones. 

Three films vie in the Competition: drama  Eva Nová (d. Marko Škop), documentary Waiting Room (d. Palo Korec) and an international co-production The Red Spider (d. Marcin Koszalka).
Another last year´s hit, a co-production film Home Care (d. Slávek Horák) is featured witihin the Highlights section.

The section Beyond Belonging shows successful film My Dog Killer (d. Mira Fornay) - a one-day story of eighteen-year-old Marek living near Slovak-Moravian border with his dad and with his racist friends – hooligans.

Moreover, the programme contains archive films such as Devil´s Smile, a detective story by Ján Zeman, dealing with a dramatical investigation of stealing and murder, involving the staff members making a movie. Two further films are literary adaptations: a balad of love and revenge Dragon´s Return by Eduard Grečner inspired by a novella of the same title written by Dobroslav Chrobák; a satire I Served the King of England based on a story by Czech wrtiter Bohumil Hrabal, directed by Jiří Menzl.  

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published: 19.04.2016
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