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Five Slovak films coming to German audiences

The 23rd edition of German Film Festival Cottbus (5.-10.11. 2013) will present five Slovak films in its programme.

Juraj Lehotský`s feature debut Miracle (2013) premiered at IFF Karlove Vary 2013  will be introduced in the Feature Film Competition. Jana Mináriková with her humurous film Homo Ciris (2013) will compete in Short Film Competition.

The Focus section, introducing films about Romani culture and history, will present three Slovak films, the powerfull and awarded Mira Fornay`s My Dog Killer (2013) and the other two The Gypsy Vote (2013) and Out of Round: What Is Behind? (2010) by Jaro Vojtek.

Director Mira Fornay will be present as a Jury member.

    MIRACLE (Zázrak)       
SK/CZ - 78 min. - 2013 - drama     
director: Juraj Lehotský
: The story of 15-years old girl who is experienced more than most adults. She wishes to love but it is not allowed to.   
 < Stadthalle Cottbus < 08.11.2013 < 5:00 pm
 < Weltspiegel Cottbus < 09.11.2013 < 10:00 am
    HOMO CIRIS (Človek ryba)       
SK - 21min - 2013 - documentary/fiction
director: Jana Mináriková
: The humorous film takes a loving look at the story of an old man who devoted his life to aquarium fish and dreams of entering the underwater world. 
 < Weltspiegel Cottbus < 08.11.2013 < 10:00 pm
    MY DOG KILLER (Môj pes Killer) 
SK - 87 min - 2013 - drama
director: Mira Fornay
: A one-day story of 18-years old Marek living with his father, dog and racist friends. Marek`s life changes when he discovers the secret of his lost mother. 
 < Stadthalle Cottbus < 09.11.2013 < 2:30 pm
    TEH GYPSY VOTE (Cigáni idú do volieb)     
SK/CZ - 72 min  - 2012 - documentary
director: Jaro Vojtek
synopsis: Back in 2009 Vlado Sendrei ran for office in local elections in Slovakia, the first ever Rom to do so.  
 < Weltspiegel Cottbus < 06.11.2013 < 11:30 am
 < Kammerbuhne < 09.11.2013 < 9:30 pm
    OUT OF ROUND: WHAT IS BEHIND? (Z kola von: Čo je za tým?)     
SK - 30 min - 2010 - documentary
director: Jaro Vojtek
synopsis: Methadone addict Jožko keeps his head above water as a street newspaper seller. Whilst his mother works as a prostitute to make ends meet, it´s only Jožko who questions the situation in which the family finds itself. 
 < Kammerbuhne < 09.11.2013 < 2:00 pm

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