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ROZUMReason is a novel by the significant Slovak writer, Rudolf Sloboda, taking place in Slovakia during the period of normalisation. It presents a multi-layered story of a writer who faces several opponents: the pressure of his family, the establishment and, of course, his sharp mind which analyses the state of society in an endeavour to find a solution. In the current development phase, we aim to create an eponymous film adaptation situated in the present time without losing sight of the primary theme and message.

Director(s): Dušan Trančík
Story: Dušan Trančík
Screenplay: Tereza Oľhová
Cinematographer(s): -
Editor(s): -
Music: -
Set Design: -
Costumes: -
Sound: -
Animation: -
Cast: -
Filmography: Dušan Trančík (1946)

upcoming: Akcia Monako
2018: Svetlé miesto
1990: Keď hviezdy boli červené
1988: Mikola a Mikolko
1988: Sedem jednou ranou
1987: Víkend za milión
1985: Iná láska
1983: Štvrtý rozmer
1982: Pavilón šeliem
1981: Fénix
1978: Víťaz
1976: Koncert pre pozostalých

Production: Filmpark production (SK)
Co-production: -
Slovak Producer:  Peter Neveďal, Marek Mackovič  
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Budget: -
Support: Audiovizuálny fond
Co-production Markets, Forums: -o
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Principal Photography:  2022
Expected Completion: -
Expected Release: NA
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