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New and classic Slovak cinema at the International Film Festival Rotterdam

The 52nd edition (25 January – 5 February 2023) of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, one of the world's renowned festivals, will feature a world premiere of new Slovak drama Power and three digitally restored films from the collections of the National Film Archive of the Slovak Film Institute.

Director Mátyás Prikler premiered his feature debut Fine, Thanks in Rotterdam 10 years ago, now he is back with his second feature film, Power in Rotterdam’s Harbour section. At an informal hunt, somewhere on the border of two Central European countries, a boy is accidentally killed. One of the politicians involved is the hot candidate for the important international post of Water Commissioner, who is expected to find a solution to the increasing water shortage across Europe and elsewhere in the world.

This year's programme also include three short animated classics by Jaroslava Havettová, one of the pioneers of Slovak animation. Her films, known for a unique poetic style, deal with topics of destiny, sacrifice and the role of individuals in society. The Cinema Regained section will show a music video with pop art motifs The Song (1969), a film inspired by Haban pottery and Slovak proverbs Until the Pitcher Is Broken at Last (1971) and the minimalist Contacts (1980) about power and its abuse.


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published: 18.01.2023
updated: 18.01.2023