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The collection of Slovak documentary films from the 1960s celebrates success internationally. The selection of documentaries from the golden era of Slovak cinematography has already been presented at several foreign events, and in October it will be presented at the 62nd International Documentary and Animated Film Festival DOK Leipzig (October 28 - November 3, 2019).

The program of the Leipzig festival includes five Slovak documentary shorts:
Water and Work (1963, d. Martin Slivka)
Hands (1963, d. Jozef Zachar)
Man from the Gader Valley (1963, d. Ladislav Kudelka)
Photographing the House-Dwellers (1968, d. Dušan Trančík)
Confession (1968, d. Pavol Sýkora)

The films will be presented during the Special Screenings section and their selection “points to a personal, socially critical and formally innovative approach to documentary work of Slovak authors in the 1960s. In this period, the filmmakers understood how strong documentary films without spoken words could be, or how to use irony as a form of political and social commentary,” says Tomáš Hudák from the National Cinematographic Center of the Slovak Film Institute (SFI), who will represent the SFI in Leipzig.

The screening will also include a presentation of the 2-DVD set Slovak Documentary Film 60 (published by SFI), which was compiled by Rudolf Urc together with film journalist Pavel Branko. The screening of Slovak documents from the 1960s will take place on Tuesday, 29 October 2019.

Late Harvest competitive section will present documentary The Wind. A Documentary Thriller (d. Michał Bielawski) about man and nature. The short-length co-production animated film The Kite (d. Martin Smatana) will be screened as part of the non-competitive section Kids DOK.


published: 24.10.2019
updated: 24.10.2019