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Visegrád in Short(s) features Slovak films

The 28th International Short Film Festival FilmFest Dresden kicks off on April 12 and lasts till April 17. The Festival features several Slovak shorts in the official programme as well as in the accompanying events.

A special programme Cinema Roulette brings the idea of presenting unfiltered selection from the European submissions to this year´s festival edition. The unique mixture of films also introduces three Slovak films: Let (d. Ján Guga, SK) – a story of an amateur sportsman training for a competition approached by a strange friend; existential and deep narrative Mila Fog (d. Marta Prokopová, SK); and Cowboyland (d. Dávid Štumpf, SK) – a brisk comedy from Wild West.

FilmFest Dresden will host the Visegrád in Short(s) Forum to support short film makers from Visegrad countries to network, co-operate and present planned projects. Within this platform, Slovak Film Institute and BFilm will provide an insight into the Slovak short film production. The Slovak short film presentation will be followed by the Czech & Slovak showcase focused on promising talents. The showcase introduces two student films: Cowboyland (d. Dávid Štumpf, SK), and Fear (d. Michal Blaško, SK-CZ) - a tale of a young boy who witnesses a violent attack on a bus, and one independent short-animation by Ové Pictures NINA (d. Veronika Obertová, Michaela Čopíková, SK) – a lovestory of a timid boy and a woodland girl who are both connected and separated by fear.

Furthermore several Slovak filmamakers will attend the event: Dávid Štumpf, Michal Blaško, Veronika Kocourková, Marta Prokopová, Martina Buchelová, Martin Kazimír and Eva Pavlovičová.


published: 04.04.2016
updated: 05.04.2016