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Slovak projects at MIDOPINT 2012

The 20th MFF Art Film Fest will host the successful international scriptwriting workshops MIDPOINT this year, as well.

The programme in Slovakia is operated by Character – Film Development Association  in co-operation with the Czech film school FAMU. Six European film schools participated at the thrid edition of the event – Prague's FAMU, Bratislava's VŠMU, PWSFTviT in Lodz, SZFE in Budapest, UNATC in Bukarest and Berlin's dffb as a new addition. Slovak projects, this year again, are participating in a significant number of four:

MIDPOINT offers:

  • Dramaturgy of film projects
  • Possibility to experience international cooperation in the stage of script development
  • Interconnection and networking among scriptwriters, directors and producers, a chance to develop contacts for future cooperation

The programme for students / graduates consists of two workshops:

Workshop 1
16. - 23. 6. 2012, Trenčianske Teplice, Slovak Republic (in co-opeartion with MFF Art Film Fest)
Workshop 2
25. 8. – 2. 9. 2012, Czech Republic

Best projects will be selected at the end of the second workshop and will receive financial awards of 1000 EUR (short film project) and 1500 EUR (feature project).

MIDPOINT, in addition,  together with Character – Film Development Association will also launch a new workshop for Slovak professional scriptwriters during 18. – 21. 6. 2012. Significant scritwriters of the region with projects in development will be offered to consult the very experience lecturer Milena Jelinek, Columbia University scriptwriting professor and will be given an opportunity to devop strong local stories with an overlap to international audiences.

The list of projects:

  • 77; screenplay: Juraj Johanides
  • Candidate – The Wiretapping Diaries; screenplay: Maroš Hečko
  • Laura and Nina; screenplay: Renáta Mitašová, dramaturgia: Diana Kacarová
  • Sirin; screenplay: Juraj Raýman
  • Somewhere in Europe; screenplay: Scarlett Čanakyová (hosťovský projekt)

MIDPOINT was financially supported by: MEDIA Programme, Slovak Audiovisual Fund, Visegrad Fund and Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

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published: 14.06.2012
updated: 18.06.2012