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Slovak National Nominations for the European Film Academy Awards 2011

The Slovak Film and Television Academy (SFTA) selected two Slovak films to apply for the European Film Awards – fiction feature film Apricot Island by Peter Bebjak and the documentary 25 from the Sixties, or the Czechoslovak New Wave by Martin Šulík.

The selection was made by 67 members (out of 123) and 2 honorary members of the Slovak Film and Television Academy. The Academy members were selecting from among two fiction films: Legend of Flying Cyprian (dir. Mariana Čengel Solčanská, SK – PL 2010), Apricot Island (dir. Peter Bebjak, SK 2011) and three feature length documentaries: 25 from the Sixties or the Czechoslovak New Wave (dir. Martin Šulík, CZ – SK 2010), Matchmaking Mayor (dir. Erika Hníková, CZ-SK 2010) and Protected Territory (dir. Adam Hanuljak, SK 2010). For the first time, they were given the option to vote for selecting no film for the nominations.

The 24. European Film Award Gala Ceremony will be held December 3, 2011 in Berlin, Germany.

Source: Press release of the Slovak Film and Television Academy

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published: 28.06.2011
updated: 28.06.2011