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Slovak Films at the 29th Finále Plzeň

The 29th edition of film festival Finále Plzeň (April 15 – 21, 2016) will host a significant number of Slovak film titles. The competition showcase of Czech and Slovak films features last year´s production as well as films produced this year.

A number of recent films will take part in the competition sections. In the new Czech and Slovak feature films competition section Golden Kingfisher – Feature Live Action or Animated Films Competition will vie eight Slovak titles: Home Care (d. Slávek Horák), Eva Nová (d. Marko Škop), Koza (d. Ivan Ostrochovský), The Little Man (d. Radek Beran), Family Film (d. Olmo Omerzu), Seven Ravens (d. Alice Nellis) and Wilson City (d. Tomáš Mašín).

In the Golden Kingfisher - Documentary Competition fights three titles: Waiting Room (d. Palo Korec), Through the Eyes of the Photographer (d. Matej Mináč) and Steam on the River (d. Robert Kirchhoff, Filip Remunda).

Two TV projects were selected for Golden Kingfisher - Serial and Non-serial TV and Internet Production Competition in the Non-Cycle category: documentary True Štur (d. Michal Baláž) and fairytale Johanna´s Mystery (d. Juraj Nvota) which was also released in cinemas. Both of them are co-produced by the Slovak national broadcaster RTVS – Radio and Television Slovakia.

More Slovak films are introduced within the non-competitive sections.
In the Nets of 2015 shows Lokalfilmis (d. Jakub Kroner), Little from the Fish Shop (d. Jan Balej), Stanko (d. Rasťo Boroš), Vojtech (d. Viktor Csudai), The Cleaner (d. Peter Bebjak), and Fateful Moment (d. Gabriel Hoštaj); Slovak documentaries Rytmus a Dream from the Block (d. Miro Drobný) and The Czech Way (d. Martin Kohout) are presented within Documentary Dimentions 2015.
The co-production title The Red Spider (d. Marcin Koszalka) is screen as a part of specialized section Czech Traces in International Co-productions.

The selection of the latest Czech and Slovak films will be presented within the section Riding the 2016 Wave: I, Olga Hepnarova (d. Tomáš Weinreb, Petr Kazda), The Red Captain (d. Michal Kollár), Murderous Tales (d. Jan Bubeníček), The Tiger Theory (d. Radek Bajgar), Trabant – From Australia to Bangkok (d. Dan Přibáň); and within the First Catch section: Agave (d. Ondrej Šulaj), In Your Dreams! (d. Peter Oukropec) and TV series The First One.

The festival does not forget about young filmmakers. At the Source introduces student films from the V4 countries produced last year. Four Slovak representatives from the Academy of Perfoming Arts are screen within the section: Once Upon a Time (d. Daniel Rihák), Crush Him! (d. Martin Machálik), Chronos (d. Martin Kazimír) a Meow (d. Marek Jasaň).

Several filmmakers and actors will come to present their films to Pilsen.

A newly tailored presentation of upcoming Czech Films Czech Film Springboard, will traditionally be a part of the festival's programme, introducing several co-production Slovak projects, as well. The presentation is a part of the film professional programme Industry Days and is organized by the Czech Film Center in co-opeartion with Finále Plzeň.

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