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New face of the MADE IN SLOVAKIA section of the Bratislava IFF

The 14th edition of the Bratislava International Film Festival (Bratislava IFF) will run November 9 - 15, 2012 and will welcome its visitors in a new festival center - the Sklad č. 7 (Eurovea). That is however, not the only news at this year's edition - in co-operation with the Slovak Film Institute (SFÚ) it will give a new face to the established section MADE IN SLOVAKIA, as well.

The MADE IN SLOVAKIA section was a non-competitive showcase of the latest domestic films, so far. The most significant feature of its new concept is the Feature and Animation Film Competition, which will present fiction and animation full-length films distributed in Slovakia in the last year. The selection committee decided to include Angels (dir. Róbert Šveda), Made in Ash (dir. Iveta Grófová), DONT STOP (dir. Richard Řeřicha), The Confidant (dir. Juraj Nvota), Dancing on Broken Glass (dir. Marek Ťapák), Tigers in the City (dir. Juraj Krasnohorský), In the Shadow (dir. David Ondříček) and Evil (dir. Peter Bebjak) into this section. All films will be personally presented by a delegation. A jury of three international film professionals will select the best feature / animation, giving it the UniCredit Bank Award.

The organizers - Bratislava IFF and SFÚ - would, however, like to bring a complex insight into the domestic production within the MADE IN SLOVAKIA section: therefore, the audience will be also offered a selection of documentary and short films. In a Slovak premiere, after their successful screenings at festivals in Jihlava and Warsaw, the documentaries Graduates (dir. Tomáš Krupa), The Gypsy Vote (dir. Jaroslav Vojtek), Fragile Identity (dir. Zuzana Piussi) and The Greatest Wish (dir. Olga Špátová) will be screened. The shorts The Star (dir. Andrej Kolenčík), The Coat (dir. Peter Magát), student films I'm a Miner, Who's More? (dir. Roman Fabian), Momo (dir. Teodor Kuhn), The Pig Star (dir. Michael Angelov), Room 4024 (dir. Bruno Osif) and Closet Issues (dir. Katarína Hlinčíková) were also included in the showcase.

The programme of the MADE IN SLOVAKIA will be concentrated to the second half of the festival. For the first time, however, a videoroom will be a part of the festival, available for film professionals and journalists during the whole duration of the festival. Besides the Slovak full-length films in the official programme, further fiction and documentary films produced in the last year and a selection of archive SFÚ titles will be accessible.

As a tribute to the Czech director Jiří Krejčík the archive title The Midnight Mass (1962) will be screened.

The detailed programme of Slovak films is available here.

Within the Special Screenings section a selection of television production will be presented: the television drama Betrayed (dir. Martin Kákoš) and the documentary TV series Photographers, consisting of four profiles of famous Slovak photographers: Tibor Huszár's Comeback (dir. Miro Remo), Route Paris - Levoča (dir. Marek Šulík), Self-portrait - Martin Kollár (dir. Martin Kollár), Igor Grossman (dir. Marek Urban) and Šymon Kliman (dir. Martina Slováková).

Important news for film professionals are the accompanying events: a panel discussion will take place analysing the issue of film criticism in the Central European context, with experts from both criticism and filmmaking will be present, as well as unformal meetings of foreign guests and Slovak professionals in the festival center called Happy Hours.

Film Criticsm and Central and Eastern European Filmmaking
► 13. 11. ► Tuesday ► 14:00 - 16:00 ► Sklad č. 7 (Eurovea)
Moderator: Nenad Dukić - Main Programme Coordinator Bratislava IFF
Panelists: Jean Roy (France) - president of FIPRESCI, "L'Humanité" film critic / Blagoja Kunovski (Macedonia) - Radio Skopje film critic, Manaki Brothers IFF Programme Director / Jindřiška Bláhová (Czech Republic) - Hospodářské noviny film critic
A Happy Hour with Slovak Filmmakers will follow at 16:00 in Sklad č. 7.

Master Class with the documetary filmmaker Michael Grigsby and the producer Rebekah Tolley
► 14. 11. ► streda ► 14:00 - 15:30 ► Sklad č. 7 (Eurovea)
Happy Hour with Documentary Filmmakers will follow at 16:00 in Sklad č. 7.

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