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My Dog Killer and Normalization Are the Slovak National Nominations for the European Film Award 2013

The Slovak Film and Television Academy (SFTA) nominated two Slovak films for the European Film Awards – the Tiger Award winning film from this year´s Rotterdam IFF My Dog Killer by Mira Fornay and the documentary Normalization by Robert Kirchhoff, which has gained considerable audiences after opening in Slovak cinemas on May 16,2013.

The selection was made by 58 members (out of 137), accepted and confirmed by the Board of the Academy, from among the following eligible titles:

Made in Ash (orig. Až do mesta Aš, dir. I. Grófová), Love Me or Leave Me (orig. Miluj ma alebo odíď, dir. M. Čengel Solčanská), Fine, Thanks (orig. Ďakujem, dobre, dir. M. Prikler), Attonitas (dir. J. Mottl), My Dog Killer (orig. Môj pes Killer, dir. M. Fornay), Intrigues (orig. Intrigy, dir.J. Kilián).
The Gypsy Vote (orig. Cigáni idú do volieb, dir. J.Vojtek), The Grasp of the State (orig. Od Fica do Fica, dir. Z. Piussi), Fragile Identity (ori. Krehká identita, dir. Z. Piussi), New Life of Family Album (orig. Nový život, dir. A. Oľha), Exhibits or Pictures from the Castle (orig. Exponáty alebo príbehy z kaštieľa, dir. P. Korec), Graduates/Freedom Is Not for Free (orig. Absolventi/Sloboda nie je zadarmo, dir. Tomáš Krupa) and Normalization (orig. Kauza Cervanová, dir. Robert Kirchhoff).

In 2012, the European Film Academy Animated Feature Film Award went to the Czech-German-Slovak co-production title Alois Nebel (2011, by Tomáš Luňák).

The 26. European Film Award Gala Ceremony will be held December 7, 2013 in Berlin, Germany.

Participation of Slovak films and SFTA at the European Film Awards is supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund.

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published: 19.06.2013
updated: 19.06.2013