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Ji.hlava opens with The Lust for Power by Tereza Nvotová

The documentary autumn festival season is ready to start! The 21st edition of Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival (Oct 24 – 29, 2017) kicks off and opens with a Slovak documentary The Lust for Power by Tereza Nvotová.

The Lust for Power (d. Tereza Nvotová) is the first Slovak documentary competing in the main competition of Ji.hlava IDFF Opus Bonum. The section selects the best noteworthy documentaries representing diverse trends from around the world. Nvotová approaches a significant figure of recent Slovak history Vladimír Mečiar from several different directions.

Nvotová told: “When I was 10-years-old, we´d make believe that we were E. T., Winnetou or Mečiar. Now I want to find out who he really was and what he has done to us and to our country because now I see the same story playing out all over the world.“

Competition sidebar that surveys the latest Czech experimental films features a short film Today (d. Simona Donovalová), a portrait of sunlight, created on 35mm film negative using a camera obscura built by the filmmaker. The section also screens another Donovalová´s short Trace I Leave (Behind) out of competition.

The programme also showcases three Slovak documentaries about notable artists. This Is Not Me (d. Miro Remo), an intimate insight into the life of a legendary singer Richard Müller, and Červená (d. Olga Sommerová) revealing private life and the career of world famous opera singer and actress Soňa Červená, are screened within the Czech Television Documentaries section.

A portrait of the legend of Czechoslovak music scene Varga (d. Sona Maletz) is introduced within Famu Presents. The film takes a look at rock keyboardist Marián Varga (1947–2017) near the end of his life when he was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Moreover, Slovak representatives take part in the Industry programme. Producer Barbara Janišová Feglová was selected for Emerging Producers and Barbora Berezňáková with her project Never Happneed for Ex Oriente Film workshop.

The Slovak member of the Between the Seas Jury is a renowned documentarist Robert Kirchhoff. Ľuboš Slovák, enviromental philospher and activists, is member of A Testimony on Nature jury.

More info on feature films in our AIC database::
The Lust of Power (d. Tereza Nvotová):
This Is not Me (d. Miro Remo):
Červená (d. Olga Sommerová):

Slovak films in the programme:
24.10 - DKO - 20:00 The Lust for Power (d. Tereza Nvotová)
25.10 - DKO - 20:00 The Lust for Power (d. Tereza Nvotová)
26.10 - Malá scéna HDJ - 20:00 This Is not Me (d. Miro Remo)
26.10 - Dukla Edison - 21:00 Trace I Leave (Behind) (d. Simona Donovalová)
27.10 - Dukla Edison - 17:30 Today (d. Simona Donovalová)
27.10 - Malá scéna HDJ - 20:00 Červená (d. Olga Sommerová)
27.10 - Velká scéna HDJ - 22:00 Varga (d. Sona Maletz)

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published: 20.10.2017
updated: 23.10.2017