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IFDF One World awarding Slovak documentaries Fragile Identity and Graduates/ Freedom Is Not For Free

The 13th edition of IFDF One World in Bratislava took place December 3 - 9, 2012. Two Slovak documentaries Fragile Identity and Graduates/ Freedom In Not For Free were awarded within its Slovak Documentary Films competition section.

The film about the "searchers of Slovak nationality roots", whose values and priorities horrifies - Fragile Identity (2012) by Zuzana Piussi was awarded as the Best Slovak Documentary. The debut of Tomáš Krupa Graduates/ Freedom Is Not For Free (2012), received the Special Mention for "exact description of the desillusion of the young generation, which is to become the future of Slovakia". The Jury consisted of Jadwiga Glowa - Hučková From Poland, director and film theorist Martin Štoll from Czech Republic and the Head of the Documentary Deparment of FTF VŠMU Ingrid Mayerová from Slovakia.

The documentary film by Zuzana Piussi The Grasp of State (2012) noted the highest addmission of the festival.

The festival also screened several other Slovak full-length and short documentary films: 0800 800 818 (by Marcel Pázman, 2011), 22 Heads (by Matúš Demko, 2012), Al Entisar - The Boat of Hope (by Ladislav Kaboš, 2011), The Gypsy Vote (by Jaroslav Vojtek, 2012), A Long, Long Road (by Oto Hudec, 2012), Men of Revolution (r. Zuzana Piussi, 2012), Young Parents 2 (by Adam Hanuljak, 2012), The Woman Rabbi (by Anna Grusková, 2012), SOS South Sudan (by Martina Utešená, 2012), Story of Ani Nii Shobo (by Matej Kubičár, 2012), Shadow of the Barbarian Night (by Ivan Sivák, 2012), Tunes in Silence (by Ivan Sivák, 2011), Zuna (by Mária Martiniaková, 2012), Special Operation (by Ľubomír Štecko, 2010), Bells of Happiness (by Marek Šulík, Jana Bučka) and also the fiction film Made in Ash (by Iveta Grófová, 2012), which is the Slovak Oscar national nomination this year.

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published: 10.12.2012
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