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Foxes and The Border applying for the European Film Award

The Slovak Film and Television Academy (SFTA) has selected two Slovak films to apply for the European Film Awards - Foxes by Mira Fornay and The Border by Jaroslav Vojtek.

The selection was made by 135 member of the Slovak Film and Television Academy. The academics were selecting among three fiction films:BRATISLAVAfilm (r. J. Kroner), Jánošík. A True Story (r. A. Holland, K. Adamik) a Foxes (r. M. Fornay) and three documentary films: Erotic Nation (r. P. Begányi),The Border (r. J. Vojtek) aSnapshots (r. P. Krištúfek).

The 23. European Film Award Gala Ceremony will be held December 4, 2010 in Tallinn.  

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published: 11.06.2010
updated: 16.09.2010