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First EFA Nominations announced

First European Film Award nominations have been announced: the European Film Academy (EFA) revealed the nominess in the categories European Discovery - Prix Fipresci, European Film Academy Documentary - Prix Arte, European Film Academy Animated Feature Film and European Film Academy Short Film.

In the Film Academy Animated Feature Film category, the co-production title Alois Nebel (dir. Tomáš Luňák, 2011) is among the three nominees. The film, having its world premiere at Venice IFF, is a special combination of live action and animation film by rotoscopy.

The Selection of fiction films, including the Slovak-Czech title Gypsy (2011) by Martin Šulík, premiered and awarded at the Karlovy Vary IFF, will wait for its nominations until November 3rd: they will be released during the Festival of European Films in Sevilla. The categories announced will be European Film, European Director, European Actor, European Actress, European Screenwriter, Carlo di Palma European Cinematographer Award, European Editor, European Production Designer, European Composer.

The final winners will be announced during the 25th European Film Awards ceremony on December 1, on Malta.

Besides the producers themselves, it is also the Slovak Film and Television Academy (SFTA) proposing films. This year, in the category of fiction films it selected the film The House (dir. Zuzana Liová, 2011) and in the category of documentaries it decided not to propose any film.

In the previous years, Slovakia had the successful documentary by Peter Kerekes Cooking History (2009) nominated for the European Film Academy Documentary - Prix Arte. 

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published: 25.10.2012
updated: 04.12.2012