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Czech Lion nominees released

The nominations for the 18th edition of the annual awards of the Czech Film and Television Academy Czech Lion are released. There are 4 Slovak co-productions within these nominations and 8 Slovak filmmakers are nominated. The gala ceremony of granting the awards will take place March 5, 2011 in the Great Hall of Lucerna in Prague.   

In the Best Film category one of the nominations is the Czech - Slovak co-production Identity Card by Ondřej Trojan, co-produced by the Slovak company PubRes.

In the Best Director category two Slovak co-production projects were nominated: Identity Card by Ondřej Trojan and Surviving Life by Jan Švankmajer, C-GA Film Juraj Galvánek being the Slovak co-producer.

Two Slovak co-productions were also nominated in the Best Documentary category: 25 From the Sixties or The Czechoslovak New Wave by Martin Šulík (the Slovak Film Institute as the Slovak co-producer) and Matchmaking Mayor by Erika Hníková, co-produced by the Slovak company UN FILM.

The new film by Ondřej Trojan Identity Card gained 11 nominations altogether: Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Music, Best Editing, Best Sound, Best Art Direction, Best Leading Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Best Leading Actor.

In the Best Leading Actress category, the Slovak actress Kristína Farkašová was nominated for her role in the film Walking Too Fast by Radim Špaček.

Slovak Actress Zuzana Kronerová was nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category for her perfomance in the film Habermann's Mill by Juraj Herz, Zuzana Čapková was also nominated in the same category for the film Mamas & Papas.

Martin Štrba is nominated in the Best Cinematography category for his achievement in the film Identity Card and cinematographer Alexander Šurkala in the same category for his work on the film Habermann's Mill.

For his music for Kooky by Jan Svěrák Michal Novinski is nominated in the Best Music category, Pavol Andraško gained a nomination in the Best Art Direction category for his achievement in Walking Too Fast.

The Czech Lion is a Czech annual awarded granted by the Czech Film and Television Academy since 1993.

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published: 06.02.2011
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