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Cooking History nominated
for the European Film Academy Documentary Award

European Film Academy announced the nominations in the category EUROPEAN FILM ACADEMY DOCUMENTARY 2009 – PRIX ARTE. The Slovak documentary film Cooking History directed by Peter Kerekes is selected and nominated for the award. Upon invitation by the city of Vilnius, this year’s documentary jury will now convene in the Lithuanian capital to screen the nominated films and decide on the winner. In association with the European culture channel ARTE, the winner will be presented at the 22nd European Film Awards Ceremony on Saturday, 12 December, in Bochum/Germany.

Cooking history came to Slovak theatres on February, 2009. Is is a documentary about army cooks, or about how the daily needs of thousands of armed stomachs influenced the victories and defeats of leading statesmen. It is a film about the field kitchen as a model of the world, where the preparation of meals becomes a strategy of war. The fight for ideals, which are supported by the stable legs of the kitchen table.

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published: 14.10.2009
updated: 14.10.2009