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Digitally restored animated film Bloody Lady at Lumière festival 2017

The re-release of Viktor Kubal’s Bloody Lady (1980), his second feature inspired by famous Slovak folktale, will take place at the 9th Lumière Festival. The film will be screened within the section Archival treasures and curiosities, that offers unique restored archive films from all over the world.

Animated film Bloody Lady tells a story of crime and love, inspired by the historical legend of Elizabeth Báthory, the bloody countess of Čachtice. The eternal conflict between good and evil is captured against the backdrop of a romantic love story with comic and tragic elements.

Bloody Lady will be screened at the festival twice (Oct 18 and 19, 2017) and will be presented by Rastislav Steranka, director of the National Cinematographic Center of Slovak Film Institute.

Rudolf Urc on the film: "The Bloody Lady is an example of screen writing mastery and precise dramaturgic composition despite the reduced imagery and limited animation the director Viktor Kubal has the skill to pace suspense and play the audiences emotional strings. Well observed elements of melodrama together with Kubal´s natural affinity for parody turned this film into an original synthesis of the two genres.Inevitably a comparison comes to mind with another master of horror (and it´s parody) Alfred Hitchcock.“

Festival Lumière was created in 2009 by the Institut Lumière, the festival has become one of the largest international festivals of classic cinema. Once a year in Lyon, the birthplace of the Cinematograph, the cinema world celebrates the vitality and memory of film, taking a contemporary journey through works of the past.

The film was digitized and restored by the National Film Archive of the Slovak Film Institute.

Bloody Lady together with Kubal’s feature debut Brigand Jurko (1976) and his thirteen shorts will be released this autumn on Blu-Ray and DVD as part of the collection named Best of Viktor Kubal.

Screenings of Bloody Lady at Lumière festival 2017:
Wed, Oct 18 20:30 Lumière Fourmi
Thu, Oct 19 21:00 Pathé Bellecour

published: 06.10.2017
updated: 09.10.2017