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A strong presence of Slovak films in Jihlava

Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary! Kicking off on Oct 25, 2016 the festival will show a number of Slovak films screened not only in the competition section but also within accompanying events, workshops and masterclasses. The jubilee edition lasts until Oct 30, 2016.

Two Slovak films introduced in Ji.hlava in their world premiere vie with twelve other documentaries in the competition section Between the Seas, open for countries of Central and Eastern Europe with common historical, political, and cultural interconnections. 
The first one is a documentary by acclaimed Robert Kirchhoff A Hole in the Head, a film essay about the Roma holocaust, the stories and fates of European Romani tied to the countries they have inhabited and still inhabit. The film represents an elegy to the victims of a monstrous regime and human indifference.
The second is a mid-length debut A Tall Tale by Lucia Babjaková Nimcová, which has been presented at Docu Talents@KVIFF 2016 earlier this year. A folk opera consisting of bawdy folk songs, storytelling ballads and pre-modern hip-hop has been made in close co-operation with Scotish musician Sholto Dobie. The director said: “A Tall Tale seeks to capture private and hidden realities excluded from the main historical narrative of the region. Hard mountain rap, vintage feminism and filthy Carpathian hip hop are still alive and relevant.”

On the occasion of the festival´s 20th anniversary, the organizers have launched the section Jihlava Manifesto reflecting contextual and stylistic diversity of the Jihlava IDFF’s programme over the past twenty years of its existence. The sidebar showcases 20 documentary essays, among them also the notable documentary collage Paper Heads (1995) by Dušan Hanák dealing with the topic of freedom and the lack of it, and the relationship between citizens and the Totalitarian regime in former Czechoslovakia in post -World War two era. The film will be screened in a restored and digitized version thanks to the project SK PRES - Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The Works of renowned dramaturge, screenwriter, and director Pavol Sýkora (1931–1970) will be brought to the audiences at the festival´s workshop. This key figure of Slovak documentary film of the 1960s will be represented by his most distinctive and original portraits Vlado, Marienka, Jojo a starý otec (1966), Spoveď (1968), ABCD (1969) and Malý gazda (1969). Film theorist Martin Kaňuch will be the lector of the workshop, together with his guest Rudolf Urc, aone of Sýkora´s former colleagues.  

Another two films Trabant – From Australia to Bangkok by Dan Přibáň and Ida´s Mission by Tomáš Kudrna will be screened out of competition as part of the selection Czech Television Documentaries.

Ji.hlava Industry

This year's Jihlava IDFF Industry Programme will offer a rich variety of activities. A One-day conference on experimental film distribution Conferenece Fascinations will be held to promote Central and Eastern European films internationally and to facilitate collaboration with experienced distributors and festivals abroad. On this occasion, the following experimental short films by well-known conceptual artists will be introduced: LIFT (1972) by Vladimír Havrilla, Informácia o rukách a ľuďoch (1982) and Domov (1983) by Ľubomír Durček.

The Industry Programme will also host several Masterclasses by exceptional documentary filmmakers. A masterclass with Slovak cinematographer and director Martin Kollar will be accompanied by a screening of his film 5 October and by a case study of Slovak documentarists Peter Kerekes, Marek Šulík and Martin Kollar.
This year´s participant of Emerging Producers, a promotional and educational project that brings together talented European documentary film producers is Marek Urban (sentimentalfilm).

Slovak Film Institute will be represented at the Industry Programme by Alexandra Strelková, director of National Cinematographic Centre, who will take part in the discussion panel aimed on film presentation and institutions supporting the presentation of national cinematography.

For detailed programme please see the Industry time plan.

More information on films in competition:
A Hole in the Head (d. Robert Kirchhoff)
A Tall Tale (d. Lucia Babjaková Nimcová)


Slovak films in the programme:
26.10. - Dukla Reform - 13:00 - Paper Heads (d. Dušan Hanák)
26.10. - DKO I - 19:30 - A Hole in the Head (d. Robert Kirchhoff)
27.10. - DKO II - 14:30 - A Tall Tale (d. Lucia Babjaková Nimcová)
27.10. - Malá scéna HDJ - 20:00 - Trabant - From Australia to Bangkok (d. Dan Přibáň)
28.10. - Malá scéna HDJ - 12:00 - Ida´s Mission (d. Tomáš Kudrna)
29.10. - Dukla Edison - 18:30 - workshop - Pavol Sýkora

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published: 20.10.2016
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